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Kitiwatana Plastech is plastic manufacturer producing flexible PVC hose for agriculture, industry, and household. We have several kind of hose to use in numerous field. We are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and can adjust the formula and quality of hose to fit your needs as made-to-order hose.

Our Hoses are used in various industries and households for the five range of applications as follows:

Table for Choosing The Right Hose
Hose/Tube Recommended for
Air Water Solid Particle Gas Solvent
Italy Shower Hose   x      
Duct Hose Type A x   x    
Duct Hose Type B x        
Spiral Suction Hose x x x   x
Smooth Suction Hose x x x   x
Bath Tub Hose   x      
Rock Hose x x   x x
Air Hose x        
Flex-Cap Hose x        
Transparent Hose x x      
Fire Extinguisher Hose x     x x
Under-Sink Hose   x      
Sanitary Hose   x      
Spray Hose x x   x x
Braided Garden Hose   x      
Garden Hose   x      
LPG Hose x     x  
Outer Helix Hose x        
Hi-net Hose/Gas Tube x     x  
Italy Shower Hose
Duct Hose A
Duct Hose B
Spiral Hose
Smooth Spiral Hose
Bath Tub Hose
Rock Hose

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